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ConServ Energy Group with its Partner MPC Energy offer the specialty of “Individual Process Energy Savings” where over 1.5 billion dollars in energy cost savings have already been achieved over the last 38 years. It has been determined that on average 50% of the energies being consumed in industrial processes is wasted energy. MPC’s proprietary AURA Software which stays on site allows accurate tracking of the energies being consumed as benchmarked down to 1% against the energies that should be being used for each process. In some cases over 1 million dollars are being saved per process per year. Several Case Histories are included under our “Economics” heading.

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In November 2012 ConServ Energy Group joined in a Strategic Partnership with Waste Management (WM) to help eliminate wasted energy being consumed in WM client facilities. In addition, another focus has been to eliminate the waste heat being thrown away from boiler and furnace stacks as well as from RTO’s operating at automotive plants. We are capable of providing “Turnkey Energy Cost Saving Systems” such as Combined Heat & Power (CH&P) / Process Energy Savings / Heat Recovery / Gasification of Wood Waste Streams / and Waste Heat Utilization for their clients.


Engie is a Strategic Partner of ConServ Energy Group in regard to our providing turnkey Combined Heat & Power (CH&P) Systems to Industrial and Commercial facilities who have a heavy need of electricity while simultaneously having a heavy need for steam and or hot water. When these two needs are a good match, CH&P can provide substantial electric and natural gas utility savings to our clients for years to come. The example for an industry is chicken rendering & processing while a commercial example could be a large resort and or casino.

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As our Gasifier Partner, Aries Clean Energy specializes in Downdraft and Fluidized Bed Gasifiers to convert organic waste streams to a Syn Gas capable of being burned to create process heat and or electricity. Their patented designs have allowed them to build the world’s largest Downdraft Gasifier which is by far the least complex and most productive of gasification technologies. Organic Waste streams can now be gasified to help eliminate filling up land fills. Turnkey gasifier systems can provide excellent paybacks especially where high landfill tipping fees and or where high electric costs are occurring.


Kentucky Association of Manufacturers (KAM)

As of December 2018, ConServ Energy Group along with Energy Architects are members of and providing strategic cost containment consulting, primarily in energy cost reduction methods and systems, to the Kentucky Manufacturing Members of KAM. KAM is and has been providing excellent representation for its manufacturing members through many disciplines involved within the State of Kentucky, including the Legislature. In addition, KAM is active in promoting any and every other way these manufacturers can utilize best methods, cost containment, and the best and happiest workforce.