High Tech Multistack Chillers with MagLev Oil Free Compressors are revolutionizing comfort and process cooling applications. 

MULTISTACK CHILLERSCompared to conventional water cooled chillers Multistack Chillers can save up to 35% on electrical energy input and compared to air cooled chillers, Multistack Chillers can save up to 50% on the electrical energy input.

The MagLev (Turbocor) Compressors run on magnetic bearings, require no oil within the cooling medium and are small and lightweight.  Variable speed drives allow MagLev Compressor unloading with superior part load performance down to 0.20 kW per ton. The Multistack Chiller and MagLev Compressors are noise free and vibration free and start up amperage is only 1.6 amp at 480 volts which can free up more capacity if and when a standby generator is ever required. Since multiple MagLev Compressors are utilized on the larger Multistack Chillers, good redundancy is provided.