Gasifier-Overview 12-18-13Very efficient Downdraft Gasifiers are now able to take an organic waste stream and convert it into a SynGas that can then be burned to create a high quality heat source to do useful work.  Process water or oil can be heated to run an ORC to generate electricity 24/7.  With larger systems steam can be generated to run steam turbines that generate larger quantities of electricity.  We are proposing to incorporate 2-64 ton / day gasifiers into a heat recovery project at a major landfill where we will be recovering engine exhaust from 8 CAT generators running on landfill gases and as a result we will be generating 1,500 kW 24/7.  The added heat capacity of the 2-64 / day ton gasifiers will allow us to generate an additional 2,500 kW of electricity 24/7 for a total of 4,000 kW.  Tax credits and grants should be available.