Industrial Process Energy Savings at Continental Tire / Industrial Process Energy Savings at Valero Energy / Industrial Process Energy Savings at United States Steel / and Industrial Process Energy Savings at JM Smucker Company.

Problem: Lack of data collection infrastructure, particularly utilities metering and sub-metering was hindering the ability of management to understand and control energy variances. This was affecting quality and throughput resulting in higher production costs and lead times.

Action: MPC was contracted to establish and implement a data collection strategy and create an energy management system to leverage the data. This included the installation of over 40 meters and sub-meters in key locations throughout the plant. Energy ratios and KPI’s were developed and tracked.

Results: Energy savings of $1.8 Million in under 2 years. This represents an ROI of 511%. Also, the plant made the decision to re-invest the savings by purchasing additional meters, expanding the MPC EnMS and adding some capital improvements. Over a 9 year period, a total energy reduction of over 40% plant-wide has been achieved.