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Large Plant Electric & Process Heating Requirementscombined heat and power

Often called Co-generation, CHP can provide all or a portion of on site electric power & process heat at the same time. Because the efficiency of this process cycle is in the 90% range, which is twice the efficiency of electric utilities, electricity costs can be much lower while eliminating the natural gas process heating costs……Read More 

Many industries have heat recovery options that may not have been explored.HEAT RECLAIM

There are billions of Btu’s per hour of heat energy that are being thrown away through “smokestacks” which translate to millions of dollars of potential natural gas purchased energy savings if much of this heat energy can be captured by way of heat recovery through specialized heat exchangers……Read More 

Heat RecoveryDon’t throw away heated or cooled conditioned air from such areas as clean rooms or hospitals that have high fresh air requirements due to potential contamination.  These commercial & industrial facilities may have heat or cold temperature reclaim possibilities by using Cross flow heat exchangers that transfer heat or cold temperatures from exiting air flows to incoming fresh air make-ups…..Read More
MULTISTACK CHILLERSHigh Tech Multistack Chillers with MagLev Oil Free Compressors are revolutionizing  comfort and process cooling applications.  Compared to conventional water cooled chillers Multistack Chillers can save up to 35% on electrical energy input and compared to air cooled chillers, Multistack Chillers can save up to 50% on the electrical energy input…..Read More
GASIFIERSVery efficient Downdraft Gasifiers are now able to take an organic waste stream and convert it into a SynGas that can then be burned to create a high quality heat source to do useful work.  Process water or oil can be heated to run an ORC to generate electricity 24/7.  With larger systems steam can be generated to run steam turbines that generate larger quantities of electricity…..Read More
Much electric energy is being wasted with air compressor systems in plants.
In many larger industries, the air compressor system can amount to 20% to 30% of the total electrical kW load in the plant…..Read More AIR COMPRESSORS
Variable Frequency Drive (2) 12-18-13Many motors and are running at a constant speed, some even 24/7, with no variable speed capabilities which many times is not necessary.
Examples are fans and pumps. If the speed or rpm’s of a pump or fan can be reduced to less than full load requirements, for every unit of speed reduction, the energy is reduced by the power of 3…..Read More
High Tech Ceramic Coatings Can Prevent Substantial Heat Loss/ Heat Gain or Corrision.
Ceramic Roofing Example 12-18-13
Ceramic coatings installed on boilers, pipes, tanks, walls, ovens and even metal or membrane roofs used in conjunction with world class rust preventatives will greatly reduce unwanted heat gain or heat loss.  Ceramic coatings are available for application on a wide range of surface temperatures which can provide major savings on natural gas & electric energy costs…..Read More