It has been determined that “on average” 50% of the total energies consumed in industrial processes are being wasted.

One of Our Strategic Partners has the expertise to dive down deep into the energies being consumed by various individual, industrial processes such as steel and aluminum production, refineries, agricultural processing (soybeans, flour, ethanol), distilleries, tire manufacturers, chemical companies, poultry-beef-pork processors, and a host of other food manufacturers.  By utilizing software that can accept many data tag feeds from existing control and monitoring equipment and computers, a benchmark energy profile can be developed for each stage of an individual industrial process showing the energies that are being used versus the energies that should be being used.  After these benchmarks are determined, work between our partner company and the operators of these processes can narrow down in over a series of 12 to 20 weeks procedures and operating characteristics that can be able to save an average of 30% of the energy being wasted.  Capital investment can then be used, if desired, to reclaim the other 20% of the wasted energy.  Most of the case histories we are familiar with are saving over a million dollars in energy costs per process per year with relatively little or no out-of-pocket costs to the industrial client.