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Meet the ConServ Energy Group Team:


Paul Holland, P.E. is a mechanical engineer with 40 years of experience which started with Florida Utilities as a troubleshooter to the large phosphate, steel, and citrus industries.  In 1981 Paul formed his own engineering company, Paul Holland & Associates and Energy Architects working with clients throughout the United States.  Paul’s company has been responsible for installing multi-million dollar energy cost saving projects in the Florida Citrus Industry and for Industries in Tennessee.   In 2009 Paul was one of the three founding Principals of our ConServ Energy Group where he serves as the Managing Director.


Carlton Brown is a mechanical Engineer with 35 years of experience including extended work with the Trane Company and  is a specialist in coils and other components of A/C systems including all types of heat recovery and heat reclaim for promoting electric and natural gas savings.   Carlton started his own company, Thermal Dynamics, in 1998 and was a founding Principal of our ConServ Energy   Group in 2009.


Ted Wynne, P.E. is a mechanical and electrical Engineer with 48 years of experience including 17 years with Dupont.   In 1985 Ted started his own engineering company, Ted Wynne Engineering and he has patent pending on side stream stack gas heat recovery systems for large boilers, furnaces, etc.   Ted is a registered engineer in multiple states and is an active member of the National Board of Professional Engineers.   Ted serves as the Director of Engineering with our ConServ Energy Group.


Doug Anderson is a mechanical contractor with 42 years of experience for all types of chillers and other air conditioning and is a specialist in A/C problem solving.   Doug early on was a A/C and refrigeration expert with the J.P. Griffin Company in Tampa, Florida where he specialized in all types of A/C systems including chillers.  In 1990 Doug founded his own company, Atlas Air, and he was a founding Principal of our ConServ Energy Group in 2009.  Doug is head of our contracting division.


Bruce Patterson has been working with industrial / commercial clients in the energy cost savings arena for over 17 years regarding electrical, natural gas, and maintenance.  As Director of Sales & Marketing, Bruce also helps manage the logistics associated with each of our projects in our areas of heat recovery, heat reclaim, Multistack Chillers, variable frequency drives, air compressors, and ceramic coatings.  Bruce’s wide experience is providing our clients with a winning combination of cost savings and the highest level of customer support.